Profile of Rotary club of Osmanabad:

1.Chartered in 1989 Membership as on 30/09/2018: 100
2.Major donor: 01
3.Paul Harris Fellows: Rotarian: 17
4.Non Rotarian: 02
5.Total: 19
6.Donors to rotary foundation: 61
**.Classification of Members
1.Doctors in various disciplines: 25
2.Engineers: 18
3.Industrialists: 14
4.Teachers, Govt. servants: 10
5.Hoteliers: 03
6.Business men, traders, Professionals etc,.: 30
Donations to the Rotary Foundation:

The club has so far donated a sum of about (US$ 79000.00) to T.R.F. either by way of PHF contribution or SPHF contribution or through DDF contribution in the district.

Our experience in M. G. Projects:

We have successfully completed 5 M. G. Projects and 2 global grant projects in past as under:

1. Providing clean drinking water to schools/colleges in Osmanabad (26 institutes) I

2. Providing clean drinking water to schools/ colleges in Osmanabad (26institutes) II Both the projects were approved by clubs from Canada for participation. We have saved an amount of Rs. 1.00 lacs from the funds received, and returned back the same to T.RF.

3. Providing eye care equipments to Rotary Eye Hospital to the extent of Rs. 14.70 lacs was the third M. G. Project completed by us on 31/3/2006. The Rotary District 5280 (USA) was our matching partner, along with R. I. Dist 3130.

4,5. Two matching grant projects for cataract surgeries with clubs from Australia and USA. RID 7470

6. One global grant project for pathology laboratory with the help of RID 7470 and RC Denville in 2014.

7.One global grant project for mobile ophthalmic diagnostic van with the help of RID 9920 and RC Somerville and papatoe central, Newzealand

Our Centennial Project Highlights:

2002: Scientific survey of existing medical facilities in the district and assessment of gray areas. Purchase of 1.2 hectares of land from member's contribution for proposed health complex. 2003 , Preparation of project report for M. G. Project, Creation of club web site. Getting approval of foreign partnership from R.I. Dist 5280.

2004: Approval of M.G. by R.I., Selection of design and plan of the building by conducting all India architectural competition. Fund raising efforts for the construction. 2005-June 2006: Fund raising and construction of two storied first phase of eye hospital. Hospital commenced services after inauguration on 28th June 2006. We have already identified many key villages in the district within a radius of 50 kms, where we are conducting Vision Care Camps, for patients screening on regular basis. These centers are providing us patients from rural areas, untapped so far.
Carpet area of the building 10,000 sq ft. Cost of construction so far Rs. 90.00 lacs.
Plant, machinery & equipments purchased worth Rs. 50.00 lacs.
Total investment in the project so far is to the tune of Rs. 140.00 lacs.

which was contributed as under:
Rotary members and their families Rs.25.00 lacs
The M.G. funding Rs. 25.00 lacs
Public donations collected Rs. 90.00 lacs

Impact on the society:

The publicity earned by this project in last ten years and our movement in the entire district for fund raising and for check up camps has yielded in to awareness rotary's work even at rural level.
Rotary is now looked after with great respect and affection. Many families have come in to contact with the Rotary while implementing the project.
Govt. agencies and politicians have taken a note of Rotary's capacity to motivate society for better cause. They are promising all possible help to the project in future.
The international contribution of funds have always been focused by us in all our press meets, which has created good impact on the society.
We have served more than 1.5 lac patients in villages free of cost and have conducted more than 15000 surgeries so far. The share of free surgeries for poor patients is more than 50 % of total work.

Important Achievements of the Trus:

1. Approval of the hospital under Govt.'s DBCS scheme.
2. Approval of the trust under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act, for last six years.
3. The trust is approved by Govt. of Maharashtra for one time development grant worth Rs.25.00 lacs under National Program for Control of Blindness.
4. The trust is sanctioned registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976, by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt.of India, New Delhi on 18/12/2007.
5. The trust is approved under CSR funding since 2017 for cataract surgeries.
6. The hospital is approved as mentee hospital under Seva Foundation UK for technical consultancy and overall upgradation.

Rotary Seva Trust,Osmanabad.
(Reg.No.E-203, Dt: 16/12/1998.)
Note on activities of the trust since inception in 1998, in the field of Eye care-health services.

Year & Activities of the trust:

1998-1999: Squint eye corrective Surgery camp at civil hospital on 21.02.99. 30 patients screamed & 20 operated. Dr.mrs.Uma Pradhan, Dr.Albal, Dr.Kalyani, Dr.Raichur & Dr.Roy from Solapur attended the camp.Free Keratotomy camp for 16 to 25 yrs. age group girls, with the help of Dr.Prakash Kankariya & his team from Ahmednagar, at Sanjeevan Hospital, Osmanabad. At village Kasbe Tadwale, Opthalmic check up camp for 100 patients conducted by Rotarian doctors .30 Cataract patients directed to Civil Hospital.

1999-2000: At village Yedshi, 125 patients were for eye related problems. About 21 cases of cataract referred to Civil Hospital.

2000-2001: Health check up camp at village Bembali. 150 Ophthalmic patients checked. 30 cataract cases identified for operation.

2001-2002: Health check up camp at Yedshi, 40 cataract cases referred to Civil Hospital.

2002-2003: Health check up camp at Ter & Dhoki. Total 40 cases of cataract patients identified & referred to Civil Hospital.

2003-2004: Camp at village Chikhali. Identified about 15 cataract cases for operation.

2004-2005: Camp at village Bembali. 105 cases of ophthalmic patients checked. Nearly 65 teachers from Osmanabad, trained in vision - check up, with the help of H.V.Desai eye Hospital Staff Nearly 2500 students in the age group of 6yrs to 14 yr checked for vision health. Patients directed to civil hospital. Eye care Hospital Bhoomipujan conducted. Matching Grant Project for eye care equipment sanctioned from TRF.

2005-2006: Construction of eye care Hospital building with generation of donations from public worth Rs.50.00 Lacs approx. About 50 cataract cases from district operated at H.V.Desai Hospital, Pune with the help of clubs in district.

2006-2017: Conduct of 600 village camps in last 10 years and serving more than 1,50,000 patients free of cost for vision repairs. Total surgeries done in last 10 years are more than 13000 and free surgeries ratio is more than 50 %. This is the only institute in the entire district, providing charitable eye care services with excellent infrastructure.

For Rotary Seva Trust, Trustee - Treasurer (R.G.Salunke)