1. Eye care treatment and surgery for:
** Cataract, Squint eye,
** Pterygium, Glaucoma,
** Phaco emulsification etc,.

2.Consultancy with prior appointment for diabetic retinopathy.

For OPD:

Sr. No.Name of EquipmentQty
1.Ophthalmic Chair Unit03
2.Autorefractometer Grand Seiko02
3.Slit Lamp02
4.Indirect Ophthalmoscope01
5.Direct Ophthalmoscope02
6.Streak Retinoscope03
8.Yag Laser Machine01
9.A scan Biometer03
10.Applanation tonometer01
11.Non Contact Tonometer (NCT)01
12.Fundus Camera01
13.Auto Perimetry (Appasamy )01

Operation Theatre (OT):
Sr. No.Name of EquipmentQty
1.Operation Tables02
2.Operating Microscope03
3.Phacoemulsification System03
4.Electric Vitrectomy01
5.Boyles Apparatus02
6.Bipolar Cautery02
7.Double Drum Autoclave02
8.Single Drum Autoclave01
9.OT Care02
10.Oxygen Cylinder with trolly03
11.Nitrous Oxide with trolly02
12.Air Conditioners (1.5 tones each)08
Air Conditioners (2 tones each)05
13.Invertors (1.5 K.V.)01
14.Online UPS (3 K.V.)02
15.LCD TV02
16.Nano Technology Autoclave01